How to Register Your Team

How Much Does it Cost to Register?

Entry for the Santa Speedo Shuffle is free to all participants. However, each team (max 6 Santa’s) and individual runner must raise a minimum of $650 by 9am on the day of the event.
Registrations close on 30 June 2018.

Entry for the Crazy Christmas Jumper Walk is $35 per person over 12 years. Registration opens on 1 June 2018 and you can register for this event up to the day.

How do I join/start a Team?

Click ‘Register to Shuffle’ above for Santa Registrations and enter your details. During this stage you can either Create or Join a Team.

If you are creating a team, insert your team name and the e-mail addresses of anyone you would like to be on the team. They will be e-mailed asking them to join your team.

If you forget to list an e-mail in this space, don’t worry! Anyone who wasn’t included will be able to search for your team name and join when they sign up. Just make sure you let any latecomers know what your team name is.

All Santa Speedo Shufflers need to be registered before 30 June 2018.